30day Paleo Trial- complete


Hey guys!

Straight up- I am sold on the Paleolithic concept. I have truly never felt better! If a month ago you’d suggested I wouldn’t have coffee, cheese, pasta or rice for a month- I’d probably have suggested that you were high! 🙂

Sold to the concept of clean, fresh eating. Sold on cutting out the crap and sold to treating my body the way it should be. Lean meat, fresh seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, fungi and good oils.

Gone are the days of grains, dairy, processed food and sugar. No more coffee, artificial sweeteners and you know what?! I’m very comfortable with that decision and proud of it.

The 100% Paleo for 80% of the time is sitting perfectly with me. I can still  occasionally have wine, I can occasionally have my cheese, I can eat pasta and rice and chocolate… But, being the type of guy I am, committing to the paleo guidelines gives me a perfect reason to stay disciplined. The “paleo umbrella” gives me a perfect guideline to maintaining a healthy life. If for around 80% of the time i stay true to Paleo then this amazing feeling that I’ve had over the last month will continue to occur. It’s easy, realistic and fun.

Over the last month I went from 93.3kg to 88.1kg and have slept better and had more energy than ever before! I do not know the science behind this but they are my results and I’m pretty excited about it! Once I learnt some “paleo tricks” such as zucchini or sweet potato pasta, cauliflower as a rice substitute and salads in stead of sandwiches- I was fine! These few substitutes were perfect for me! This lifestyle is easy to follow, fun to work with and it certainly got me the desired results.

In the beginning I had plenty of doubters and haters but since trialling this on myself as a human guinea pig, there are now quite a few converts around! It’s great having such pride in what you consume and it’s awesome sharing recipes with fellow paleos. I’m very excited about researching this further and finding many more awesome recipes! I love sharing all these ideas amongst the paleo community!

Any questions? Fire away!

– Adam Keighran

Nuffs Fitness




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