The Caveman Framework! Week 2


It has been 2 Weeks now since starting this Paleo diet although, I must say that I believe a far more appropriate name would be the Paleo Framework or Paleo Guideline. The more and more I research the system, the more I’m getting the vibe that even the hardcore Paleo purists of the world still understand that we are living in the modern day and that we should not sweat the small stuff. We are not ACTUAL cavemen and we do have acess to some good nutritious stuff that doesnt strictly fit under the Paleo umbrella so we should be able to incorporate quite a few “sometimes foods”. A glass of wine with dinner, sweet potato, dark chocolate (85% cocoa) etc these things are acceptable under the Paleo Framework. I did buy a shirt the other day that reads “100% Paleo 80% of the time”. And that’s exactly it… If you can predominantly stick to lean meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts and good oils and then limit dairy, grain, refined sugars and processed foods, then you will be sitting in a good place. Simple as that.

Weigh in this morning had me in at 89.1kg. That’s another 0.6kg down from last week and 4.2kg since beginning.
The big wins this week have come in the form of some foods that I did not realise fit into this lifestyle. Quinoa flakes (technically a seed) is an awesome start to the day! I add chia seeds, almond flakes and pure maple syrup! It creates a big burst of energy to start the day! Very excited that I can still enjoy them!
I also discovered that coconut milk (with no additives or sugars) is Paleo so decided id make an awesome chicken curry on Thursday. This prompted me to find a substitute for rice! And there it was: cauliflower in a food processor! Easy as you like! And the dish was extremely tasty! This was followed by a new favorite – chocolate coated bacon!! A bizarre twist on the “salt and sweet” combination! Not too bad!! 🙂
And coming from a bloke who used to consistently have 3-4 long black coffees each day, drinking tea now can only be doing my body good! Zero coffees in 2 weeks. Pretty proud of myself! 
The negative aspect- I’ve never been one to budget well but I do think it is becoming a little pricey! All this means though, is I need to find some better options! Mid arvo snacks being 100g steak and a handful of Brazil nuts just isn’t too economically friendly! I’ve also been wrapping avocado in smoked salmon- again – a bit pricey for a snack!
So all in all, a really successful week was had. I’m still sleeping the best I have in years. I’m energized, happy and feeling healthy! Now to check out some Paleo on a Budget websites!

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