Paleo/Caveman Diet – 1 week down

ImageOk- so last week I set out on this Paleolithic diet with zero expectations. I was simply curious as to how it would effect an endurance runner like myself so I thought that the best way to test its “powers” was to actually, become a human guinea pig, and test its powers. Seems logical right?!
With what I am about to write, I need you to please understand that I am not a nutritionist nor a dietician and before making any drastic changes to your diet, I recommend seeing a professional to discuss. Everybody is different and different diets will effect individuals differently.

I stress this point because some results have amazed me. I have little reason to these results, but I can’t argue with them.

It starts with my weigh in. In May 2011 I was, of course a whopping 132.4kg and by July 2012 I had dropped to a miserly 79.6kg with people suggesting that I was looking gaunt and underfed. I then evened back out to around 85-88kg and felt strong at this weight. I felt healthy and I felt fit. I want to be in that range for the rest of my life.
However, last Monday when I stood on the scales, I was a little disappointed for them to be reading 93.3kg. Now I stress again- I did not enter this caveman diet as a weightloss tool but this morning, only 1 week in, and the scales read 89.7kg.
I feel healthy. I feel fresh. I am sleeping amazingly. And I feel energised.
It has been an incredible week. You surely couldn’t get a better result!? I’m stunned

The big issue so far, is variety. Steak and nuts for breakfast, chicken salads for lunch, protein and veg for dinner. Nuts and fruit in between. It was all getting a little mundane.
However- after a little research- I found the recipe to a very easy pasta substitute and it could not have come quick enough. With my potato peeler, I peeled down half a sweet potato and a zucchini. I added 1Tsp of Organic grass fed butter to a pot and then “tossed the veggie strands” on a medium heat for around 5mins until they were a soggy consistency. It was AMAZING! The picture is at the top! So now that i know i can continue to have my favourite spaghetti Bolognese- Im one very happy camper! I fully recommend that everyone try it! On that note, my lunch yesterday was 2 X butterflied pork steaks, with avocado and tomato, wrapped up in big lettuce leaves. I.e. no bread. I’m telling you that it worked beautifully and, as a sandwich lover, I am extremely happy with that little variation. These two little variations of what “seemed” impossible, has now brought me Paleo sandwiches and paleo pasta dishes! Fantastic!!!
I have now read up on Paleo pizzas, paleo desserts, all kinds of little paleo tricks- there is so much variety out there – it just involves a little practise and a little experience. It just stems back to cutting out some crap foods! I know that Ill get better at this and Im kind of excited. Putting a bit of pride in my food gives me a lot more pride away from my food. Clean eating seems to flow into a clean room, clean clothes, clean shaven… lol 
I just feel a lot more pride in all that I do.

This week I have been getting into tea (instead of my 3-4 daily black coffees). Ive experimented with Green tea, peppermint and “lemongrass + ginger” tea. (cue ginger jokes!) I’m actually very much enjoying them! I have green tea in the morning as it has slow released caffeine and then peppermint tea after dinner! I was also a “pack a day” chewing gum guy! I would chew “extra” all day every day. That has been substituted for actual mint leaves and toothpicks! So whilst I look like a Joel Madden wannabe, It’s absolutely for the greater good and Im doing just fine with it!

This morning I did my normal 9km run to my training session and then completed a vigorous outdoor session. Energy levels are high. I have zero complaints so far- something that really worried me in the beginning. Very happy to report that I’m possibly feeling even better. We went for a green tea afterwards and I thought Id order the 3 egg omelette with turkey spinach and mushrooms! I was horrified when I realised that there was milk in it! Absolute rookie error that wont be happening again! It really upset me that I had made this simple error but i’m straight back on that Paleo bike today! (washed it down with a steak! Just joking!)
It takes experiences like that to learn from. 

So all in all its been a really successful week! I have slept better than I can ever recall. I feel clear in my mind and fresh in my body. I am getting used to the differences in diet and am learning ways to keep it exciting and new!

A 3.5kg weight loss is a phenomenal result and Im looking forward to what this week holds!

Again- I encourage discussion- I’m sorry if the last blog offended anyone- I was just getting defensive and was possibly getting a little bit testy due to the coffee withdrawals!! Apologies! I do want us to continue talking about this because this diet seemingly goes against everything that I believe in and what I know, but I certainly cannot argue with these results.

Have a great day guys! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Paleo/Caveman Diet – 1 week down

  1. Where did you get your spag bol recipe from? Always on the look out for a good one. Also, I made ‘paleo ice cream’ for dinner. I think that’s going to solve my ice cream cravings in the future now!

      • Im not paleo, I’m just picking and choosing where I feel like it. I like sourdough too much so I’ll never completely give it up. I’m looking more at a half arsed version where I do paleo lunch, dinner and snacks but not at breakfast. I’ve subconsciously been doing it for a while but I’m looking now at becoming a bit more regimented with it.

        The ice cream was the best, frozen coconut milk, frozen mixed berries and blend. Tastes like a milky sorbet.

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