Cavemen Diet Trial- can an endurance runner be fuelled with low carbs?!

“I was intrigued by the Paleo or caveman diet so I thought I’d give it a go and be the human Guinea pig (mmmm pig). Every day i would write down my thoughts and blog the findings! As an endurance runner I’m nervous about cutting out my good friend carbs but am happy to trial it. Day 3 has now been complete with some pretty interesting results!”
Probably the biggest effect that this diet has had so far is that it amazingly so, turns the majority of people I know into fully qualified nutritionists. Weird right?!
I have been fully open in the fact that I have zero expectations of Paleo and am simply doing the trial for interests sake so that I can make my own mind up. Nothing more. Nothing less.
A good (vegan) friend of mine, an amazingly healthy woman, once said to me that she could be talking to a bunch of unhealthy, overweight people who smoked and drank and consumed copious amounts of fast foods and processed foods etc- but when she would mention being vegan, it is then that they became the “nutrition-police” and worried about how much protein that she was getting. It seems completely hypocritical and ridiculous in my eyes!
On a lesser scale, I’m feeling the same way. My new diet of fresh fruit and veg, fresh seafood and lean meats with nuts, seeds, fungi and healthful oils- surely cannot be as bad as what these so-called “nutritionists” are suggesting right??
Moving along…
Day 2 had me waking up feeling as though I had slept amazingly well but I did, however, feel a bit spacy- a few headaches. I can put this down to caffeine withdrawals which I was warned about. I’m not too worried about this though- just got to fight through! 
I had some steak (50g), eggs and bacon for breakfast and felt a little gross to be honest! Whilst the food I’ve had so far has been awesome- having a breakfast like that really makes me miss my quinoa flakes and honey and mixed nuts! 
I then proceeded to do a pretty intense hour long work out with a mate and energy levels felt good! We then went to lunch and were pleasantly surprised to see a “Paleo friendly” option on the menu as you can see at the photo at the top! Salmon, avocado, pesto, poached eggs and an amazing sweet potato and organic silver beet salad. Has anyone else seen “Paleo” options at a restaurant!? It was a first for me!
Tuesday afternoon was fine, mixed nuts, more green tea- felt good.
Headaches returned after my 2 PT sessions at night (as trainer not client) that night but I slept, again, like a baby!
The big negative of today was me beginning to get frustrated and snappish at some good mates. Id accumulated a bit of a short fuse due to the headaches. Otherwise feeling good.
Day 3 had me finding a paleo friendly chewing gum replacement… Mint leaves… They definitely do the trick! I’ve also turned into a bit of a Joel Madden and am chewing through a helluva lot of tooth picks!
Sumo salad for lunch (asking them to take out the cheese and corn and to swap the lemon-mayo for olive oil) was perfect! I’m already finding it a lot easier to find Paleo options around! Just be a bit imaginative!
I made a pretty great Sum choy bow last night for dinner but was, admittedly still a bit hungry! 😦
VERDICT: after 3 days I have slept better than I have in a long time, eaten some great food, and learnt to drink tea in stead of my standard black coffees! 
I am, however, getting headaches, and getting a bit testy with people.
Energy levels seem good.
I’m already very very interested to see what I weigh in at on Monday! I still cannot get my head around the fact that this may be a weightloss diet!! Strange… Anyway
So far so good! 🙂

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