Highs & Lows of Day 1


After an uncharacteristic late night last night (largely due to the excitement of the upcoming month) I awoke at 4:15am to get ready for outdoor training. This was the first test.


 Previously I would have gone straight for a black coffee and some toast, possibly with Peanut butter and jam (pending on the size of the training session ahead). But not today.


Today was a litre of water and a banana. Bananas have carbs to get me going and boost energy.


 I ran the 9km to the training ground and it was followed by a pretty intense session – so I did expect to be fatigued throughout the day.


 Following training, at the cafe with the lads- a place i would regularly order another long black- I had to order a green tea (the 2nd test). Apart from the mocking i copped from the boys, the tea wasn’t too bad! 🙂


 Breakfast was bloody unreal! A 3 egg omelette with spinach leaves, capsicum, mushrooms and tomato! I could definitely get used to this!! Filling. Tasty. Easily prepared. And inexpensive! The photo of it is the bottom left photo! Big A++


 I then crashed big time. Too early for this to be an effect of Paleo I thin?!?


I simply put that down to the fact that I had had under 4hrs sleep and then smashed out 2 pretty big sessions- so completely understandable!


 After waking up and seeing that the “meal plan” had me having some tuna and salad wrap (with lettuce leaves instead of the wrap) I went away from the plan! I was too hungry for rabbit food!


 It was Caesar salad time! Probably too many eggs in a day but I threw 2 boiled eggs, bacon, chicken breast, avocado, Spanish onion and tomato onto a bed of spinach leaves and it was awesome!! 2/2 meals so far were sensational with no obvious effects in regards energy, fitness or concentration levels. Happy enough!




I had the afternoon out training a client and then returned home looking for a snack. Carrot and “Brazilian nut spread”… It sounded good. Sounded healthy… 


Never again! Bloody crap and not sustainable. I refuse to have crap food. I train too hard to be eating carrot and dip.


I will definitely be researching more to find a new snack. It used to be wholemeal rice crackers or wholemeal rice cakes- but not this month… This month ill have to get more creative




So I washed the carrot and dip down with a green tea (with vanilla) and moved on. (Definitely liking the tea!)




Dinner was a pork cutlet, pork sausage, mushrooms, bok choy and carrot and was perfect! Zero complaints here. So my 3 main meals today were sensational and I could eat them for a long long time to come!




Feeling a bit tired tonight but, again, I put it down to last nights lack of sleep and this mornings training. Tomorrow will be the big test as I’m sure that coffee withdrawals will hit hard soon! Paleo does claim to make this transition easier though as it steadies out blood sugar levels… We will see




All in all- energy is up. I feel very positive and proud of the good fresh food that I’m eating, and the water and green tea that I’m drinking in stead of coke zero and black coffee already has had a cleansing effect.




Day 2… Success! Food was awesome! Worried about caffeine!! 




Remember- any questions or suggestions- fire away!!!



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